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Teddy Bear Hospital

Have you ever given a teddy bear a check up? 

Or played first aid aerobics?

Could you use fancy dress to explain the medical team?

...All to reduce a child's fear of hospitals!
Teddy Bear Hospital runs every Wednesday and we need volunteers to help run the fun interactive stations for our keen 4-6 year old students. The programme is entirely flexible and you will be able to participate to suit your availability!
Please email to join the TBH team!
For further information and updated news find us at

First Training Session: 1st October, 5pm, location to be confirmed.

TBH at Boutcher CofE Primary School, London

Pictures from Previous Sessions:
    Who works at the hospital and what they do                                                            Learning what happens when you call 999


                        Surgery for beginners                                                                                             Taking Teddy to the GP     

First anatomy Lesson