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Save a Baby's Life

Nine out of ten parents do not know the first aid principles that could help them save their baby's life...we are trying to change this! 

The Save a Baby’s Life Programme is part of a nationwide scheme being run by KCL Paediatric Society on behalf of The Royal Life Saving Society UK. After attending a 2 hour training session with the RLSS, you'll be part of the SABL Team, which holds workshops designed to introduce anyone who cares for a baby - be they parents, grandparents, guardians, friends, babysitters or even older siblings - to some basic emergency lifesaving skills. These include how to cope with drowning, choking and non-breathing infants. The workshops are really fun and you'll gain valuable communications and teaching skills!

Please email to join the team or host a session in the community!

Save a Baby's Life is supported by King's College London Medical Students' Association