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Research Projects

Do you want to work with consultants and gain experience in paediatric research? 
Would you like a paper published? Or carry out an audit? 

The KCL Paediatric Research Team will provide you with training beforehand and will find/allocate a research topic to suit you. 

Past project titles include:
  • Anaemia in chronic kidney disease (audit and literature review)
  • Neck-tongue syndrome - a rare but underdiagnosed cause of headaches in children
  • Does calcium acetate improve (lower) calcium load in treating hyperphosphateamia
  • Conspiracy theories on childhood vaccinations programmes. Is there evidence to support such public distrust?
To register your interest please email Rani at or fill out this form.

Would you like to get involved in a research project?

The KCL Paediatric Research Team will be holding a compulsory training event on the 9th October. Please email if you would like to be notified of the details or sign up to our mailing list. More information to follow soon!