About Us

The KCL Paediatric Society was set up to give KCL students opportunities to learn more about Paediatrics and become more involved in the lives of children.Our committee is composed of students just like you and we are all keen to help. If you have any questions or want to get involved, just 
contact us or join our mailing list!

                            Committee 2016-2017
Core Committee

President - Divya Verma
Vice President - Philippa Clery
Treasurer - May Ko
Secretary - Isra Husain 
General Officer: Nuvjit Dua

Bedside Play Team

Coordinators - Joanna Helsby & Emma Pottle
Officers - Juanita Ravindran, Priya Chotai, Elizabeth Mabey
Publicity - Hannah Yang
Academic Events - Meadhbh McVeigh
Charity Events - Kat Parkin
Research Projects Coordinator - Marisa Gasparini

Teddy Bear Hospital Team

 Coordinators - Nagashriya Aerasala
Officers - Jessica Baxter, Sejal Bhundia, Annabel Yip Yan Lan, Revati Bhand